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About Us

Ritcom is a US based management consulting and training company focused on helping companies migrate from being GOOD to GREAT through  Business Process Improvement, Quality, and Performance Management. Ritcom Academy provides clients with training and certification programs such as: High Performance Teams, Change Management, Balance Scorecard, Strategy, and Six Sigma Belts. In addition, Ritcom provides its clients with hosted ERP, CRM, and Document Management solutions (SAAS platform) to empower, automate, and integrate their Business Processes in a rapid, efficient, and inexpensive manner.

Headquartered in Addison Texas, USA Ritcom has its Middle East Head Office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company’s records of achievement are ample and its growth overseas is a good indicator of its successes.



Our people are our assets; Ritcom’s consultants are subject matter experts. Specialized skills make up the work force that we deploy to projects.  Our clients will have knowledgeable, focused, and experienced resources to work with. No jacks of all trades, only subject matter experts.

Ritcom LLC is a US based management training and consultancy firm based in Addison Texas. A privately owned company established in 1999 in New York City. The company records of achievement are ample and its growth overseas is a good indicator of its successes.

Today, Ritcom LLC is one of the leading management consulting firms and training providers in the Middle East. Our customer base is composed of businesses in the manufacturing, distribution, FMCG, banking, telecom, construction, military, education, pharmaceutical, construction and Government sectors. 

Our Vision:  To be a world leader in Management Consultancy and Business Excellence related services.

Our Mission: To utilize technology & human intelligence to build and sustain successful relationships with our clients. Our commitment to providing superior service and value to our customers is built on the four basic principles of : 

  • Intelligence: Contributes to the firm's intellectual capital through knowledge, research, development, and continuous improvement.
  • Utilization: Implement best practices & apply global knowledge and resources to provide the best solution to clients’ ever changing business requirements.
  • Synergy: Harness the power of collaborative human intelligence through continuing education, mentoring and empowerment of teams of client-oriented leaders
  • Superior Service: Adopt sustainable principles to continuously measure and validate our value proposition.


Our Logo:
The 4 quadrants represent Ritcom’s four basic principles: Intelligence, Utilization, Synergy, and Superior Services. The Green color is a symbol of life and prosperity, the Black quadrant represents determination and focus. A near perfect circle is symbolic of the transformation of businesses from Good to Great.